Reiki attunement

Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop; but a good word maketh it glad


Complementary Healing Oregon feels that the first step in Holistic health is focus on removing the emotional remnants of our past that are now being reflected in our physical health.

Our services are directed toward the exceptional client who chooses being proactive in their self-care. Our clients may be experiencing perfect health or a current acute or chronic situations. Our clients are open minded in their physical experiences and are willing to be introspective and contemplate what is the cause of their present health scare.

The evolution of medicine is in three eras. The first era being physicalistic. This era is still currently influencing the mind-set of medical doctors and patients. The second era is mind-body medicine which began circa the 1950’s and is still evolving today. The third era which focuses non-local science and medicine. The third era is now being actively recognized as valid and a more complete perspective of the power involved in health and healing. Many more studies and research is being done. The studies that have been completed indicate there is strong value to including complementary healing principles and practices into everyones treatment plans.

Complementary Healing Oregon is dedicated to the evolving era of medical science as long as it empowers humanity. We seek to have the health experience be an opportunity for self actualization and blooming of the highest and best for each person.

Why Complementary Practices and Modalities?

The era of Integrative medicine brought about the focus that “alternative” alone was not sufficient to meet the medical needs of todays patient / client. The push of alternative  being the only way or the only practice for people to overcome a diagnosis of cancer, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure was falling short on results. Complementary practices are best utilized with current, accepted medical protocols. Complementary literally does “complete” the treatments of pharmaceuticals, surgeries, and technology created to improve and remove the cause of diagnosed diseases. Working together simply benefits the patient and that is the ultimate goal of all medical doctors.